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The effect is like the rush you feel when you’re kissed by someone you truly desire – a deliciously warm, tingly and engorged feeling of readiness.”

Transforming Vaginal “Deserts” Into Gushing Fountains of Love!


Dry sex is painful sex. And it’s no fun, either.

So what can you do when your lady has problems with getting wet?

You can do what millions of other average couples do and buy some lube. And you know what?

That’s OK for most people.

Because most couples are “satisfied” with average sex.

But not Gabrielle Moore guys, like you!

As you know, I want you to have amazing… AMAZING mind-blowing sex (that average couples never get to enjoy) every time you take your lady to bed!

And that’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to HerSolution Gel.

This is NOT a lube.

Even though HerSolution Gel can make her soaking wet within seconds.

But that’s NOT what you’re going to love most about it. Not even close.

Because HerSolution Gel also…

Helps Her Reach An Earth-Shattering Climax… Even If She’s Never Had A Vaginal Orgasm Before!!!

As your sexual instructor I can’t stress how important vaginal orgasms are.

You know vaginal orgams are NOT the same as clitoral orgasms. And if you’re not giving your lady vaginal orgasms… you’re both missing out!

And unfortunately, she knows it too.

Because for women orgasms are the most electrifying sexual feeling in the world!

And that’s what makes HerSolution Gel so exciting.

This all-natural formula helps stimulate her vagina… enhancing sexual pleasure… making sex feel amazing!

This formula is also designed to help her orgasm easier and a lot faster too.

In fact, women who have NEVER had an orgasm before experienced one for the very first time while using HerSolution Gel.

Are you ready to blow her mind?

Say Goodbye To Dry, Dull, Boring Sex And HELLOOOO Wet Wild Mind-Blowing Fun!

More Lubrication = Increased Sensation = Increased Desire For Sex … Which then equals MORE lubrication, and so on.

HerSolution™ Gel is designed to help women beat vaginal dryness by mimicking the body’s natural lubrication process… instantly when applied!

  • Intensify her feelings of sexual DESIRE towards you!
  • Heightens her sensitivity to increase her PLEASURE!
  • Encourages natural lubrication for an amazing “SLIPPERY WET” effect!
  • Helps her STAY wet during intercourse!
  • Pushes her towards reaching a breath-taking CLIMAX!

This is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Don’t let vaginal dryness stop you both from enjoying amazing sex.

How It Works:

HerSolution™ Gel is specifically designed to turn your lady “ON”make her wetter than ever… and push her towards a powerful sheet-gripping orgasm!

Step #1

Right away your lady will notice a difference with HerSolution™ Gel. Just apply as directed and the dryness is gone. There’s no more of that painful dry sex and going through discomfort to get it over with.

HerSolution™ Gel makes sex something you both look forward to immediately, with a very enjoyable, velvety-wet texture that’s a pleasure to apply.

Step #2

HerSolution™ Gel is superior to drugstore lubricants because it actually increases blood flow to the vaginal and clitoral regions by dilating the blood vessels.

The effect is just like a rush of sexual pleasure – a deliciously warm, tingly and engorged feeling of readiness. Of wanting. Of needing to have sex!

Step #3

The benefits of HerSolution™ Gel continue while having sex as the warm, wet, wild feelings continue and are intensified through touch. She’ll continue to feel sexual pleasure intensify the longer you’re both embraced in passionate sex.

Step #4

And the ultimate payoff – HerSolution™ Gel helps her climax with more power and more force than ever, achieving a kind of full-body satisfaction that rivals anything she’s felt before.

The Formulation Uses Natural Ingredients! Avoids Many of the Harmful Chemicals of Drugstore Lubes!

Did you know that many of the personal lubes sold today could actually be HARMFUL to your health and fertility?

That’s why it’s important you know:

HerSolution™ Gel has been formulated and doctor-approved for its pure, natural botanical ingredients including:



Regularly recommended and prescribed by doctors to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow to vaginal and clitoral regions, to enhance and intensify that feeling of engorged readiness!


Natural Botanical Essences

Deliver a potent, immediate rush of pleasure-boosting and libido-intensifying magic right where you most need it and want it. Our herbal specialists have carefully selected the individual botanical components, then calibrated the amounts to achieve this extraordinary blend – all in the interest of creating a peak sexual experience each and every time.


Hand-selected soothing Aloe, Shea, and Cocoa Butters

This ideal blend creates a texture that’s one of the most wonderful things you’ve ever felt. It’s unlike anything else you’ve tried – silky and lovely, wet and sensual, warm and inviting.

This helps soften your vaginal tissue. It helps protect against moisture loss and reduces inflammation as well.

Aloe Vera can relieve a sunburn and get you wet in the process. It's a gentle moisturizer that helps you get in the mood without the harsh chemicals in drugstore lubricants.

This is a water soluble polymer. It helps give the texture to HerSolution Gel®, bringing the nutrients together in one highly pleasant application.

This is an amino acid that helps relax the blood vessels. It encourages more blood flow to the vagina and clitoral regions, so you have intense feelings of arousal and plenty of lubrication.

Shea Butter helps soothe the privates. It helps lubricate the vagina without irritation, and contributes to the sensual application our customers enjoy.

This helps hydrate the body, which leads to better blood flow to the genitalia.

Triethanolamine helps thicken the HerSolution Gel® formula. It also helps stabilize pH levels, so there is less chance of irritation.

Citric Acid helps pull the nutrients in HerSolution Gel® together. It increases nutrient absorption, fights age-causing free radicals and helps lower acidity in the body.

Cocoa butter helps hydrate the vagina. It helps lock in moisture, so you have an easier time staying wet, and contributes to better elasticity as well.

This is a solvent with low toxicity that helps bring the nutrients in HerSolution Gel® together.

Menthol USP helps cool the skin. It kills bacteria and contributes to overall wellness of the vagina.

Without question, HerSolution™ Gel is vastly superior in every way!

This precise, spa-quality formula makes love to her skin, in a breathtaking combination that makes her feel ever-so-sexy.

Plus, the formulation using natural ingredients is not only far better for her, it feels decidedly better, works intensely better, and even has a delightfully light, fresh, and natural scent.

did you know

Did you know that parabens, found in many drugstore lubes, are actually known to disrupt your body’s natural hormone balance?

The delicate tissue lining your vagina DOES NOT have the same protective layer as your outer skin, making this area more easily damaged, irritated, and penetrated by chemicals.

HerSolution™ Gel is proud of our formulation. Paraben-free, doctor-approved, and EFFECTIVE!

The Entire Studio Audience of “The Doctors”* Was Given a FREE Bottle of HerSolution™ Gel!


What a great compliment… and surprise!

We were caught off guard when HerSolution™ Gel was recently featured on the hit daytime television talk show, “The Doctors”*, airing daily in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Sweden and Finland.

Their panel of doctors and specialists reviewed HerSolution™ Gel as having excellent ingredients for women seeking to increase their sex drive, combat vaginal dryness, and just generally spice things up in the bedroom.

Then, to wrap up, they gave their entire studio audience a FREE Bottle to take home and try themselves.

Let’s Work On The Internal Factors Contributing To Your Vaginal Dryness And Low Sex Drive!

Chances are good, if you’re not lubricating enough during sex, you’re probably suffering from hormonal, nutritional, or stress-induced imbalances that may be robbing you of the natural desire for sexual intimacy!

So while we want to *instantly* increase your sexual pleasure with HerSolution™ Gel, we’re also committed to your long-term sexual health.

And that’s why, we’d like to offer you a FREE month supply of our doctor-approved HerSolution™ Daily Supplement with orders of 3 months or more.


A Daily Sexual Health Supplement – Doctor Approved, Formulated Just For Women!

The HerSolution™ Daily Supplement is not a pharmaceutical that changes body chemistry or radically alters biological processes. It is a carefully formulated natural supplement that contains a very precise blend of herbals, nutrients, and aphrodisiacs that work together to gently and naturally help restore your desire for and enjoyment of sex.

Simply take one tablet per day and relax as over a period of 90 days, HerSolution™ begins to gently take effect…

… Naturally supporting the body’s natural mechanisms that regulate hormonal, nutritional, and stress-induced imbalances that may be robbing you of the desire for sexual intimacy!

With HerSolution™, you can finally rediscover your sexual side.

Feel like that playful teenager again. Joyfully give and receive the most intimate of pleasures… regularly, without feeling pressured.

HerSolution™ Gel is Doctor Approved!

Dr. Karen Vieira, PhD, MSM
  • We use 100% natural ingredients of the highest standard
  • There are no reported unpleasant side effects
  • Produced by a cGMP-compliant pharmaceuticals-grade manufacturer

In fact, HerSolution™ Gel is actually manufactured by the SAME cGMP pharmaceuticals lab that major retailers like Wal-Mart use to produce life-saving drugs!

For a new level of sexual satisfaction, HerSolution™ Gel is a safe and effective product that can promote libido and enhance vaginal sensation and lubrication. Many women are unaware that vaginal dryness occurs due to physiological rather than psychological factors. Rather than accept this disappointing and uncomfortable scenario, women now have an excellent option that not only restores lubrication and moisture, but also increases sexual pleasure with a unique blend of ingredients.

Several products exist for the purpose of providing vaginal moisture and lubrication, but virtually all of the other options fall short in a few key areas. The first is that they are meant as simple one-time use solutions. On a day that you don’t use it, there will be no effect. In contrast, HerSolution™ Gel gradually restores optimal body conditions with daily usage. This indicates that actual healing is taking place rather than just masking a problem.

A second factor is that HerSolution™ Gel contains ingredients not only meant to enhance lubrication, but also for improved circulation, enhanced libido and increased climax sensation. Finally, HerSolution™ Gel only contains ingredients proven safe in the medical literature, while several other products include harsh parabens that can negatively alter hormonal balance.

The formula begins with L-Arginine, which has been shown to enhance blood flow and reduce anxiety and stress hormones, all of which help to improve sexual desire and pleasure. Next is a blend of natural, healing solutions, including silky cocoa butter, soothing shea butter, repairing aloe vera, highly absorbable olive squalene oil, among other compounds. Finally, menthol, derived from peppermint oil, creates a tingly cool sensation and enhances the pleasant aroma. I recommend women interested in heightened sexual pleasure and libido, as well as enhanced vaginal lubrication try HerSolution™ Gel.